Seth Michael Psychic Spiritual Advisor & Medium

Seth Michael is a natural born psychic/medium. For over 29 years, he has been dedicated to giving psychic readings and assisting others to reach their full potential in life.


Seth often receives messages from loved ones who have passed on.    

One of his specialties is Rescue Mediumship. This is all about helping spirits cross into the “light” by validating their current emotional state of consciousnesses. He believes that spirits are emotional beings and by walking them through the process of letting go of what is holding the spirit onto the earth plane, he is able to help if they chose to "cross." Thereby changing the spirit's vibration to the highest possible of love.

In addition to his work doing personal readings, he is part of a paranormal team - White Light Paranormal Insight - based in Camas, WA. Seth is an instructor of various workshops at the Vision Collective Studio in Portland, Oregon, along with on-line classes. And, he is the primary focus of the, “All Around Us,” documentary. Seth’s passion and intent is to assist others in reaching their higher-self and honing in on their own individual strengths.

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