​A B O U T   S E T H  M I C H A E L

Seth Michael's Biograpy

A reading with Seth Michael is very much like meeting with a long lost friend who seems to know you well and, accepts you for you. Seth Michael displays the empathic ability to connect with you, and some people in your life, both alive or those who have passed on. With great compassion, he offers a deeper connection, and encourages life's inner journey by exploring feelings of life, loss, acceptance, and closure. Deeply compelling, often startling, occasionally humorous, Seth Michael uses a down-to-earth approach that has earned him a loyal following by delivering amazingly accurate insight, then gives you the courage and direction to continue your journey through life.

Seth Michael does not require any divinity to gain information and insight and does not need your physical presence. He is just as good over the phone as he is in person. Using his natural abilities, Seth Michael can help you select the best path among several choices, see what actions other people might take, provide alternatives to possibly help minimize the severity of unpleasant coming events, aid in removing emotional blocks, and verify your loved ones have crossed via the light, and offer assistance to those who have not yet.

Feel free to ask questions about the aspects of your life such as romance, health, career, finances, family, or relationships. Or find out what spirits including pets, who may be around you and assisting you on your journey. Seth Michael's life mission is to help others, bring comfort, and hope to people using his unique abilities in an honest and non-judgmental way. By gaining valuable insight, you can make empowered choices on redirecting your energy towards a more positive and successful future.

Code of Ethics

Seth Michael guarantees the satisfaction of his readings or you will not be charged. With over 27 years of experience, he upholds impeccable professional integrity to inspire the highest good, and will always encourage conscious choices to guide you on this journey on earth. Your life path is up to you. Your reading is strictly private and confidential.


A problem is an opened gift. When opened, becomes a blessing.

Available Readings:

- Phone or Skype Reading

- In person Sessions held at The Wild Hair Camas, WA

- Group Readings (Your home)