S C H E D U L E  A  S E S S I O N

Please use this form to request for your schedule. Please keep in mind, Seth is usually booked out up to 3 weeks to a month ahead of time. 
Thank you for scheduling a session with Seth Michael. Seth Michael guarantees the satisfaction of his readings or you will not be charged. With over 29 years of experience, he upholds impeccable professional integrity to inspire the highest good, and will always encourage conscious choices to guide you on this journey on earth. Your life path is up to you. Your reading is strictly private and confidential.
Psychic Empath Readings (Emotional Energy Readings)  *Phone only
$60 per hour 
This type of reading is intended to help with emotional blocks, anxiety, reoccurring panic, worries and or overwhelming sadness. Seth would tune in with you and describe what may be going on with insight and suggestions that may alleviate some of the emotions or persistent thoughts you have been experiencing.  This can help reveal your true emotions with in many areas of life including regarding work as well as relationship issues that you may be struggling with or anything else in general.
Mentorship Session (Various Topics)  *Skype or Zoom only
$60 for 1hr 30 minutes.

Topics to choose from:

  • Introduction to Psychic abilities: Here we will start with the basic abilities people naturally seem to have and what you may be strongest in. This will include practices during the session. (This may be more than one session if requested.)

  • Connecting to your Spirit Guides & the Higher Self: We will cover the basics including a short guided meditation to get you started


Empath Series

Introduction to being an Empath

Tools for Empaths

Feeling Spirit Energy

Earthbound Spirits and Crossing Over


  • Ways to Connect with loved ones in Spirit (including pets): This will cover the basics on how people communicate with spirits and includes a short guided meditation.

  • Spirit Attachments:  We will cover on the signs a person might be having that possibly indicates and attachment and ways to clear it.

  • Ways to tame a haunted house: If you believe your house in haunted, we will touch on signs that it may be and things to try to clear your house or lessen the effects.

Psychic/Medium Phone or Skype Reading (Suspended as of April 2020)

$100 per hour 


Psychic/Insight Reading: Connecting directly with the client regarding life issues. Mediumship: Connecting with people who has passed on.


In person sessions held at The Wild Hair Camas, WA ((Suspended as of April 2020)


$120 per hour

The types of readings are:

  • Psychic/Insight Reading: Connecting directly with the client regarding life issues.

  • Mediumship: Connecting with people who have passed on. 

Group Readings (Your home) (Suspended at of April 2020)


$325 for up to 13 people for a 2 1/2 hr reading, 3hr visit.

($5/person if exceeds 13).

Extra charges may apply depending on distance.


$100 non-refundable deposit must be paid at the time of the appointment. Only to be refunded if the reading is cancelled 2 weeks in advance. Each person gets a gift bag and a chance to win a prize by using their own intuitive skills. The host(ess) gets a special gift and a 20min phone reading. (Can be passed to anyone else in attendance.)


Information on Group readings: (Currently suspended)


Group Readings with Psychic Medium Seth Michael


A group reading differs from an individual reading in both length and depth.


Spirit controls the messages sent and there is no guarantee that every guest will get a personal communication. The many factors involved also make it impossible to guarantee that any specific loved will come through during the reading. However, the energy of a group strengthens the spiritual connection and with an open heart and open mind, everyone will have an amazing experience! 

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