Please use this form to send your reviews. Thank you for  your feedback. Seth Michael guarantees the satisfaction of his readings or you will not be charged. With over 29 years of experience, he upholds impeccable professional integrity to inspire the highest good, and will always encourage conscious choices to guide you on this journey on earth. Your life path is up to you. Your reading is strictly private and confidential.

"I found Seth Michael through a friend's recommendation. I had seen two psychics in the past and was very disappointing in their work. As Michael and I worked together during my session I felt connected and in tune the whole time. He is wonderfully kind and very attentive. He checked on me often and made sure we were consistently on the same page. Seth gave me good business advice, but it was when we moved into the mediumship part of the reading that the real work began. I had some unresolved issues with my boyfriend who passed away almost 10 years ago. Not only was Seth able to bring me closure, but he was able to tell me the state that Derrick's soul was in and gave me invaluable advice, that Derrick and I should take some time apart until his soul passed over. I was unaware that Derrick was working through issues on the other side, and I was picking up on his emotions that were making me sad, depressed and even ill. Seth also connected with my aunt and through him I was able to hear her words. I can't tell you how strange it was to feel her energy coming through Seth but I was able to identify her bubbly personality and knew without a doubt that it was her. I came to Seth for advice and healing but the biggest surprise today was that I twice drove past a part of town that reminded me of Derrick. Usually this makes me depressed and sometimes even nauseous, but today I felt light as a feather and was not sick at all. Thank you Seth, you've helped bring me closure and you've also brought me healing. I'm so grateful to you and I encourage anyone who has lost someone dear to them to schedule an appt with Seth. His service is invaluable." 

-Michelle E.

"I have worked with Seth on many occasions; he is kind, compassionate and always very insightful. The comfort he has brought so many of his clients is a true gift."

-Kristen G.


"I have known Seth for several years and received a reading from his at Oregon Ghost conference in 2014, and it has changed my life in many ways. He assisted me in  connecting with my son, whom I lost when he passed over 2 years ago. We talked for 45 minutes; I received many, many messages from my son with specific details only I would know. My paternal grandfather also came thru to let me know he was protecting me. I now have such peace, knowing my son is okay. Seth is truly a master at his art. I have the highest trust level in him and applaud his gift AND the great care he takes with his clients. I cannot recommend him enough!"

-Angie F.


"Every time I see him he blows me away. He is warm, calm, engaging, and compassionate. He is non judgmental and incredibly empathetic. Great sense of humor too, which can be really nice when we are having a hard time. He is wonderful when you are at your best and when you are at your worst, no matter what the reason is for seeing him, you will leave amazed."

-Brittny H.


"I had the opportunity to have a reading with Seth over the phone yesterday. It was an incredible experience and one I will never forget. I was able to receive some powerful, validating and loving messages from a dear loved one. Some of my questions were answered and I received some spiritual advice. Thank you Seth!"

-Susan H.


"Seth is amazing. Not only is he a compassionate human being, a person I highly respect, but his accuracy in readings is incredible. He has helped many, many people...in this life and on the other side."

-Sharon L.


"For 3 years now, Seth has been my personal spiritual advisor. I have been a musician for over 20+ years, and there are some things about this industry that I needed help with.


"At our first meeting, Seth was the one that informed me about things I needed to know, even without me asking. He has been patient and very detailed about things that only I will know. Seth is also excellent at keeping it confidential, and that trust is very important.


By understanding his reading, I have gained a lot more patience when faced with certain issues that came around. If you expect crystal balls and voodoo mumbo jumbo, please don't waste your time with him. Seth is all about positive energy!


If your heart and ears are open, give Seth a call. For the amount, I personally think he is a better choice than a $500/hr therapist.


Thank you Seth for your service!"

-Elsa F.


"Seth gives a wonderful and enthusiastic reading! He has a way of making you feel comfortable and has the gifts needed for bringing through wonderful messages."

-Teresa K.


"Seth helped us deal with things we didn't understand and we are ever so grateful."

-Brandie P.


"Seth is one of the people I trust to always speak with the greater good in mind. He is a gift to the community and I recomend him to any one needing a professional Psychic Medium."

-Larry T.


"Seth is not only a gifted psychic and an insightful spiritual guide, he also is a very good person and an evolved human being. He has always guided me in the right direction which helped me to feel hopeful and calm inside.


"Whenever I would be in a seemingly hopeless situation Seth’s words helped me get by and gave me hope that all is well.  His predictions have been very accurate and the guidence has been from the highest source and for my highest good. I am thankful for all of his help over the past  years. I really appreciate it.


Thank you Seth with your help I am able to survive all this chaos with peace in my heart. I can not imagine going through all those calamities in my life without your support and spiritual guidence."

-G. S.


"Seth is crazy accurate. His guides are so straightforward and they are so upbeat. Seth himself is so positive in nature, caring, and is careful. He is honest, even if the truth hurts, and you can tell he is very sincere in his advice and his visions. Even when I ask questions, he asks additional questions that relate to my question to give me further answers. I could talk on the phone with him for hours!"

- Vannessa

"Seth Michael is a kind and loving reader. Remarkably accurate about the past and present situation. Not sure whether predictions will hold true as one can only trust and be guided by one's own intuition/instincts ultimately." 
- Nabila

"Seth is on it. He's very straight up. Positive. And he picked up a lot on a person of interest. He is accurate to my knowledge and affirmed things that I felt. He also provided good advice for me. You're right Seth... WHAT DO I WANT?! Thanks again!"

- Kris

"Seth thank you, your reading was consistent with my first, so I shall wait and see how events unfold over the coming months. I am encouraged. Give Seth a try - He is straight forward, pleasant and non-judgmental. "
  - Yvonne

"Seth Michael is a good soul with a raw and natural talent. He is respectful of your time and gives you the most detailed information he can obtain for you through his Guides."
- Catherine

"SETH YOU ARE AWESOME!! Everything you said was honest, real and accurate. All the way down to the exact words he used.  You bring truth and clarity to the situation. Unbelievable how gifted this reader is!!!"
- Wendi

"Enjoyed my reading! Specifically hit on an event which I did not explain to him. Felt he answered my questions with specificity."
- Raelyn

"Seth is very gifted and accurate.  I was very satisfied."
- Natalie 

"Wow first time caller! Excellent he will be a star..."
- Farah

"He was spot on, on so many levels... Extremely nice and understanding as well. He told me things that no one could know. Amazing."
- Debbie

"Seth is awesome to talk to.  He really hits everything dead on. He has helped me see things clearly and not allow my excitement to blind me to the facts. Thank you so much Seth."
- Barbara

"OMG! Seth you are so funny loved talking to you, I felt your energy lol. You are fast accurate and direct. Love my reading :)"

- Sarah J.

"WOW, Seth how do you do it??? You said some things that were verbatim to what he said. Things that you told me in past readings came to fruition and of course I thought of you when it happened.  Your genuine compassion is not common and I hope you know how much we appreciate you. You always know how to make me laugh too, a sense of humor is such a beautiful trait to have. It takes the sting out of certain things that aren't exactly favorable but necessary to know. Love ya! "

- W.L.


"I always love speaking with Seth. My challenges that I bring forward are addressed very quickly by him and I feel much calmer once I have spoken with him. He has a great sense of humor which is terrific. I will always call Seth as I trust wholeheartedly what he tells me." 

- Terri

"Seth Michael is a good soul who totally gives his all to help you find peace and clarity." 

- Angie K.

"This is long overdue... Seth is so worth talking to. You don't just get a chat/phone reading, you get follow up and he's so willing and eager to try to make all the info clear. He's on the money every time. I now consider him a friend because he's been such a great support and provider of info... He tells it like it is, whether I like the info or not. "

- Connie

"Seth knows how to tell it like it is and keep you laughing the whole time. He has the compassion of a friend and the wisdom of a professional reader. Thanks again Seth!!"

- Nicole

"Great reader and definitely made me laugh and enjoy the reading... He is a very honest with his readings which is a must for me."

- Sheila

"Seth Michael was able to clue into my situation immediately with little information. I appreciate his sincerity and honesty. He definitely doesn't sugarcoat his readings and tells you exactly like it is. He doesn't guess. He read the person I am involved with very well with no information provided and clued into my current situation to the point that I was in awe. Despite trying to play down and suppress what I am going through, he was able to pick up on the severity of my situation and offer guidance. Because Seth Michael provides a follow-up email, I was able to really focus on the conversation, instead of trying to write as fast as someone speaks so that I can re-read notes later and digest what has been revealed. Anyone seeking the truth should give Seth Michael a call - You won't be disappointed!"

- Nellie

"Awesome reader Kind, gentle and to the point. He picked up on the guy in question exactly. I will be calling him back for updates. He is right on the mark and put my mind at ease with his advice. Thanks Seth!!" 

- Michelle

"Seth Michael cuts to the chase every time,  he pulls the truth out, validates it, talks about it and rearranges it to make sense to you, the client. This is analysis in its highest form, and you'd be better off talking to Seth for a fraction of the cost than some fancy Freudian psychotherapist. Seth is experienced, a marvelous listener who does not interrupt or overrun your dialogue with his own predictions. It's not that Seth won't venture a prediction, but he is capable of holding his own with the best of the best, and is able to give you a session with what closely resembles therapy. He is nurturing, gentle and sweet and when he does deliver on something the listener might find difficult to hear, he doesn't just make something up you want to hear, rather he becomes even more caring, thorough and gentle, and among Seth's best qualities are the ability to close you up before hanging up, and fill the gaps that were there lovingly and with encouragement.  I have been at complete peace since I talked to Seth over four hours ago, and I am sure his deep easiness, confidence and humility have carried over me. Try Seth if you're down, up or all over the map... Seth has probably been everywhere you have in his own mind, and this lends itself to a thorough, calm, metered and nicely cadenced reading. . And he's a really nice person with a good heart. I strongly recommend Seth for matters of the heart, esoteric phenomena and all other affairs, as he is good at what he does, professional to the hilt and he always has a kind word for those who are hurting. Both thumbs up for Seth Michael."

- HM

"I felt he was honest and wasn't giving me a fairy tale reading he said he would give me a follow up reading and I think that is so sweet!! Hard to say on prediction but it sounds realistic to me will be back to update thank you Seth very nice guy!! :) Very easy to talk to."

- Kyla D.

"I LOVE THIS READER! Seth gives it to you straight with ACCURATE physical details, emotions and intentions of people in question. He DOES NOT sugarcoat at all. His genuine compassion helps when you hear something that is not what you wanted to hear. The truth however is what helps the whole situation in the long run. If you are living a lie then no changes will be made and you'll be stuck. Seth was correct about my situation to a T!!! He even said things verbatim to how my man said something. I am happy with the shift happening in my life. Thank you Seth !"

- Valerie

"He's a beautiful soul, and does everything he can to help. Stay blessed Seth, and thank you for your patience!"

- Angel

"I have zero negative things to say about Seth... He is just wonderful to talk to and just so extremely honest, even if he hates telling me the bad stuff. and honestly, it's not bad at all."

- Regina M.


"Thanks for an awesome reading!! You are spot on and confirmed so much for me. You are for real and love your energy."

- E.R.

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